Multiple Gamemodes

We are one of the most famous SoupPvP servers in the Minecraft Community. With a massive player base and a strong team standing behind HotPvP, you have the oppurtunity to take part in a movement which is heading towards greatness. Discover our fun, challenging and breath taking gamemodes! Including old time classics like EarlyHG and Feast but also new experiences in our Trainings-System. We have something for everyone! Dont take our word for it, convince yourself:

With 165 Kits and climbing, we offer a diverse PvP-Feeling with surprises and new experiences around every corner. Trade Kits with other player and/or sell them in the market. Will you be able to collect them all?

Contrarey to most servers we offer a quick and simple system to garantee a steady gameflow, yet we still offer other PvP options such as NoHitDelay, PotPvP and our own Fight-Bots.

Skill doesn't fall from the sky. HotPvP has the most diverse training system of all SoupPvP servers. We offer simulations of every imagineable situation in a fight, so that you can become a PvP Pro in no time. Our System is constantly updated to accommodate all the newest PvP strategies.

Everyday an LMS Event starts at 16:00(UTC+1) and 19:00(UTC+1) where every player will fight for himself until only 1 remains. Show the others that you are the best and acquire fame and glory by winning the HotGames.

Breathtaking Maps

Amazing Structures

We have our own Builders who work on a daily basis to provide you with new revolutionary maps. This provides a very special player experience and brings the PvP-Feeling to a new level. We dont only build our maps for looks, but also for their usefulness in a PvP battle.

Our Staff

Our Goal: "Too help whenever we can!"

An infinite amount of tasks must be accomplished in order for a server to work flawlessly. Our staff takes care of player issues and help them have the most pleasant experience possible. We are always on the lookout for new staff members that enjoy our server, that like to be a part of big projects, and can be tasked with great responsibility. Socialness and kind behavior is essential.

If you want to become a part of our staff, you can apply for a Moderator, Builder or Developer position. Please note that the quality of your application plays a major role in your acceptance since it will be our first impression of you. More information can be found here.


Your opportunity to support our cause

In order for us to garantee a flawless game experience, our server is hosted by one of the best Server Hosts and Ddos protections in existence. Obviously this costs a lot of money. We are unable to do this without your help. You can help finance us by buying one of our products, for example the "Hot" rank which will give you certain in-game priviliges in comparison to normal players.

Gray Name

5 free Kit-Cases

No free access to cosmetics and boots

Default white chat color

Short Clan name

Yellow Name

5 - 15 free Kit-Cases

Total free access to cosmetics and boots

C o l o r codes in chat

Long Clan name

... and lots more...

You can also help us by submitting bug reports and kit ideas here. If one of your ideas/reports is accepted, you may be rewarded.

Play now!

Multiple options to actively take part in the server

What are you waiting for? Start your Minecraft.exe and come visit our server. You can also talk to other players or ask staff members for help on our Teamspeak 3 server.

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